5+ Best On-page SEO Practices to perform for A New Website: Well, due to the higher popularity of the website, most people know that SEO helps to optimize your website. Everybody wants to have its website on the 1st page of the Search Engines and for this, SEO is a must for it. There was an 80% increase in website development as everyone feels the need for the website for their website.

To have a more compatible working and performance of your website, one should follow the best On-page activities to be performed for their new websites. Get the best SEO agency to move in the right direction for your website. So, to resolve your confusion regarding which best on-page SEO activities you will do for your new website, one should follow the given top SEO on-page practices:

5+ Best On-page SEO Practices to perform for A New Website

1. Featured Snippets:

Adding on the rich snippets in your content holds a positive impact on your Google Ranking. Featured snippets are the types of structured data to be added to the webpage’s content using HTML. These are kinds of codes that will help search engines to help them while finding the content on the website.

2. Focus on the keywords researching:

keywords the highlighters of your website will help the search engines to know your website easily. To get more clicks on your website and to increase brand awareness one should choose the best keywords for the website first. Add on your keywords in the Title tags, meta titles, and descriptions to let Google know who you are and what business you are running online.

3. Focus on Meta-descriptions:

Meta descriptions are very important to add to your website. Make a unique and productive meta description containing keywords in it. The point to take care of while adding meta description is that do not repeat the keywords or avoid the keywords stuffing. Make an original meta description with a word limit, not more than 160 characters.

4. Authentic content with keywords:

Google loves to see user-friendly content with the keywords not more than 3-4 times. Maintain proper management of the content according to the words and keywords with avoiding keywords stuffing. Make original content every time either it will be blog content, website content, social media content, or content for off-page activities. Focus on the readability of the content also, and implement the best SEO services for your website.

5. Image alt tags:

Alt tags are considered as the name of the website. For the good accessibility of the images, give the alt text to the images used in websites, blogs, or social media. Use the hyphens between the words (names assigned to the image).

6. Usage of HT tags:

H1 tags are considered as the main subject of the web page. One should use the keyword in the H1 tags and there will be only 1-time use of H1 on one web page content.