Most of the Marketing are well known with SEO at some level. But, SEO and Social Media are one of the top level platform which helps to reach the maximum number of audience. Many approaches to Digital Marketing have emerged like SEO, SEM, SMM, and SMO.

Online Marketing is all about awareness and visibility of your brands. A quick review on Internet will shows the all 4 approaches are being used everywhere.

Here are the basics meaning of all four approaches:

  1. SEO– search engine optimization
  2. SEM– search engine marketing
  3. SMO– social media optimization
  4. SMM– social media marketing
  1. SEO can work according to the Google Algorithms or the rules given by the Search Engines. It helps to make your website visibility on the Search Engines by setting the desired goals and keywords for your websites.
  2. SEM comes to the one level up to the SEO. It includes the process of paying for the advertisements. The owner of the website will pay to the Google to show their advertisement at the top of the Search Engines. When the user will search
    for their related keywords, website will show at the top of the search engine with ad. When the user will click, the owner will pay for the advertisement.
  3. SMO as the name relates Social Media. It is basically the usage of the Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram etc. Social Media Marketing will make your profile and products more visible on Social Media. Yours products, networks, and content can be searched easily and can be found by targeted audience very easily. It is important the content and sources should match each other.
  4. SMM is like SEM but it is different as you have pay for an ad on Social Media. One can example is like you can start Ads on Facebook.

A good SEO team cans results to better ranking for a website. It is suggested to do your SEO very correctly and according to Google, you don’t need to pay for the advertisements.
SMO will definitely help to increase your visibility of your Social Media Profiles. You can take to follow up for your profiles by having the higher number of engagement, clicks and comments on your Facebook post.
SMM can help to broaden your customers reach and help to promote your brand awareness. It is a digital version that can be used to have higher amount of customers to your website.
Conclusion: If you really want to boost up your business higher and higher,
implement from your Internet marketing base. Increase your SEO Strategies along with SMO to increase your visibility.