LinkedIn Live:- LinkedIn was the platform with 675 million monthly users and 30 million companies, helped people to reach millions of people. LinkedIn has introduced the working of the live streaming feature.

It is the process of a live streaming option, where the content can be visible by others. One can interact with the other members with the help of a live streaming option available by LinkedIn.

Reasons to Use LinkedIn Live.

Solve queries in live stream. If many questions make a home in your mind, one can get the answer to all those in the Live stream. One can ask questions, one can provide answers to the queries by using the LinkedIn live stream. Sometimes, it happens most of the team members are looking for the best option and they need the help of their team leader or manager, in that case, one can answer to all the queries.

One can introduce the new team members, and in the live session, the other team members can interact with the new member at the same time. The new team will introduce him/herself sharing the new ideas for their company.

To attend the special events, LinkedIn plays a perfect role to share their experiences with their followers. The members in the live session can discuss their thoughts. For someone who wants to show their deals, offers of their company to their followers, LinkedIn is the best option to opt .

Process- Before the stream

  1. To avoid the internet issues in the show, check your internet connectivity with a speed near 10 Mbps.
  2. Avoid a group of people, you should add 2-3 people for having a conversation. One can perform as a moderate or the other is to handle the camera.
  3. Give at least 15 mins to your followers to join a session. Do not create a short stream.
  4. Before streaming, analyze your audience, at what time the audience use LinkedIn more, check out from which location followers can come.
  5. Make an appropriate title and description of your live stream with the desired hashtags required.
  6. Don’t show pre-recorded videos, one can lose the trust of their followers by doing this act.
  7. Keep track of total viewers, comments, like,s etc.

During the Stream:

  1. To get the most recent comments, refresh your page from time to time.
  2. To get better engagement one can organize the Q&A session.
  3. Told your followers to share the live streaming to their followers also to build up a strong network connection.