Are you implementing SEO strategy enough? What will you do to drive the tangible results? Track the right performance of your website with the top SEO KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). KPI helps to use your energy, time, and money to the right factors for the better performance of your website.
We have highlighted the top KPI to which one should pay attention to

Top 5 SEO KPIs to Track for Optimization Success

1. Organic Traffic

Organic Traffic considered an important metric, to track the users and traffic reaching your website. One can check the organic reach according to the days, time, city, which device they have used.

2. Bounce Rate

It is important to know the visitors that are coming to your website, how much time they have spent. Have they check all the pages or left instantly only by visiting 1 page. Make your website simple to understand, and provide the different metadata according to each landing page. By this, bounce rate can be controlled, if the visitor looking for the service and received the different one, it will bounce back at once. It leads to an increase in bounce rate and will affect negatively the website.

3. Links

Links always put on higher SEO metrics for the SEO experts. Gaining high-quality links will work more instead of plenty of links that come in a category of spam. Check the link quality score, to be sure that the site is receiving the quality links or not. One can check the tools like MOZ, Ahref, Majestic, etc to check the quality of the links.

4. Average session duration

It is the time that the visitor spends on the website. If you successfully engage your visitors to stay for longer, then the Average session duration comes in a very good ratio. From this, you can also judge whether you need to implement some needed changes for your website.

5. Organic Clicks

In google search console, one can see their organic clicks along with impression. One can also get the information like on which pages, keywords, devices, the users have clicked their services. It is also helpful to check which pages are receiving the more queries from the users and one can implement their further SEO strategies accordingly.