Are you dissatisfied for poor conversation on your landing pages? The
soultion! Optimize your pages. Figure out some of the ways we are giving
below to get more conversion on your landing pages.

  1. Categorise your products
    The visitor on your website will navigate your products easily if they are categorised properly. Make the e-commerce categories in such a way the visitors will reach the desired products about they are searching. Make a product list that mights fit their needs. Have a targeted audience to your landing pages with setting the right keywords with your products on your landing pages.
  2. High Quality Product Images
    There is a full possibility that if the visitors reach to your landing pages, make them impress by your quality work and attract them to visit the whole website. So, it is very important to optimize the high quality product images on your landing pages to increase the conversion.
  3. Clear your Healdlines
    Make your visitor clear about the products not make confusion for them in any case regarding products. Always keep in mind; your visitors have visits to your page to get the results for whatever they are searching. Give the clear information to your visitors to hold them on your landing pages.
  4. Out of Stock Products
    It is very clear to make it mention “Out of Stock” about those products which are not available. It will give a very impression if the visitors select the product for buying according to his/her choice and budget and while giving payment they will get to know about the unavailability of the product. Always keep your products information update along with the right product.
  5. Offer Discounts

Discounts are one of the oldest tricks to attract visitors for your business. You can display the discounts to acquire previous customers and show your love, care and appreciation to your customers. You can set the different discounts like 10% more discounts for existing customers.

  1. Clarify Shipping services
    Large online sellers like Amazon and Flip kart give the free shipping on most of the products; visitors are looking for the free shipping services from your side also. Placing the right shipping information on your landing pages will make a goof impression for your visitors.
  2. Chat Services
    Live chat systems are one of the important sides of the website. There should a live chat support for your customers handled by experienced staff. It is an effective way to handle and impress the e-commerce buyers. It will help to increase the 20% conversion rate on your landing pages.