Nowadays, most businesses or any service providers are running their websites. But, the website with no or less traffic works nothing. The success of the businesses will work if the website receives the desired and maximum traffic to your website. So, here we are providing the top 13 Proven ways to increase traffic to your website

1. Choose the Best topic for better traffic

Starting a blog with the best traffic according to the search will make it more beneficial for the website. Make your topic more effortful with the desired keyword on which users are making queries. Choosing the wrong topic will take you to the wrong path. Write on the topics that you are aware of. Go to the current market that will assure you to provide the best traffic to your website.

2. Optimize content with LSI keywords

To give your old content a new touch, one can optimize their content with LSI Keywords. LSI stands for latent semantic indexing helps to improve the SEO traffic. LSI keywords are the main keywords that are highlighted and understand by Google easily. These keywords produce more relevant search results helping in more traffic.

3. Merge similar articles

No doubt, you are making your all efforts to add decent articles on your website. But, when you are posting 2 or more articles on the same niche, it is important to merge them to get better results. It will help the visitors to keep stay longer on your website. With more keywords, there will be more chances of receiving potential customers on your website. One of the things to keep in mind is taking care of the topics should relate to each other. The steps to merge the content includes, copying both contents, cleaning of the content, and redirecting the content.

4. Steal your competitor’s traffic sources

SEO is all about to derive traffic to your website. For better online success for your website, you should steal the tacts they are using for fetching traffic to their website. One should start by figuring out the top competitors of your website, and the keywords on which they are mostly ranking. Check the competitor’s information like their monthly site traffic, their page speed, keywords, and backlinks. One can use the SEO tools to find out all these and work according to get better results.

5. Promote content to an online community

To boost brand awareness, it is necessary to use the communities for the promotion of the content. There is no secret that by involving with online communities, you can get the right target audience for your business. So, by using the online communities, promote your content in the right way. It will lead to strong and relevant traffic to your website.

6. Social Media

There are countless ways to use social media to derive traffic for a website. If you are running a Facebook for your website and not receiving a good result, you can move to the Facebook Traffic Campaigns. You can attract traffic according to your target audience, location, age, and more. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow you to boost your traffic in a well-mannered way.

7. Rank videos on YouTube

The world’s second-largest search engine after Google is YouTube to derive traffic to your website. Optimize the content on the YouTube search is the best way to generate more traffic. Optimize your video, along with the unique titles and descriptions for your video to rank on YouTube.

8. Attending podcast

Podcasts are the ways which give a more comfortable zone to the users on smartphones and other devices. Podcasts are a convenient solution for users to listen while driving, running, or doing any other activity. To boost traffic, Podcast helps to share your expertise with the targeted audience. One can get the positive results of attending podcast leads to better brand awareness.

9. Write a guest post

Guest posting is one of the efficient ways to gain traffic for your website. By writing a guest post, you will get the backlinks to your website. The other website owner who accepts your guest post will allow the users to reach to your website. One can build a high-quality link through guest posting.

10. Invite others to post a guest blog on your website

Do you know, you can reverse the guest posting on your website by inviting others? So, accept others for writing a guest post on your site with some of the guidelines. One can use the templates describing what kind of guest posting you are accepting. This will help you to generate traffic to your website.

11. Improve your recent blog post

Do you feel you need to improve your recent blog post? Optimize your blog content to make it more search engine friendly. Do your research again and implement the changes need for the content. Replace the title, description, headings, banners, etc with the new updated one according to the research. Add the outbound link to your content.

12. Write on medium

Whenever somebody clicks on medium, the website will get the desired traffic directly from the medium. Medium is one of the high domain authority sites. One can post a blog on medium with marking a link back to your website. Medium is one of the best ways of online marketing for your business.

13. Use of Quora for better traffic

One can generate massive traffic to your website by using a powerful platform “Quora“. It is Question answer platform with a very big network where people get their answers for their queries. One can show their expertise and knowledge on Quora. By answering on the Quora Platform, one can have a potential user for their website.