It’s 2022, so we all know the role of social media in our everyday lives. But its role increases greatly when we talk about Marketing. This form of marketing is called “ Social Media Marketing ” and is the need of the hour to survive in this competitive era.

Twitter, is above all other social media platforms, in terms of effective marketing. It’s a platform open for all, be it a common man or a celebrity or a politician, all are allowed to express their views, regrets, or complaints publically.

This feature along with Twitter Marketing Strategy is very effective to promote your brand in 2021 .

So , The 5 Best Twitter Marketing Strategies are mentioned as follows :

  1. Addition of Humorous and Sarcastic Elements :

Posts made on Twitter are called “ tweets ”. To make your tweet go viral and be as effective as you thought it to be, it must contain a humorous element to gain the attention of the audience.

Brands like Netflix make use of humor very effectively in their tweets, which influence others to re-tweet it improving the brand’s market area and even increasing visits to their Twitter page.

2. Effective Use of Hashtags :

Hashtags are the essence of every social media platform right now . It’s use is even more important in twitter these days .

Suppose, there is a protest going viral on Twitter by the use of similar hashtags by the protestors, it connects all tweets together and thereby making a larger community for them to connect.

The same is the case with Marketing. Effective hashtags initiated by a brand, influence others to use the same and thereby increasing brand community

3.Visual creativity :

The tweets that you make shall be capable enough to draw attention towards something significant . These shall be visually appealing to gain greater audience .

Innovative pictures , effective videos and good graphic or sound insertion , etc . , shall be used and done properly to make the post look more attractive and have the capability to get re-tweets on it .

4. Personal Element :

The tweets made shall have a personalized touch within them, so that whoever reads it feels that this tweet is made specifically for him or her.  This is a good technique to gain loyal customers and/or followers.

For example: If you tweet something and get comments on it, be it good or bad, you must try to reply to most of them with their names themselves to make them feel that they are special enough to get a response from a famous brand or a celebrity itself. It shows that the brand or the celebrity is humble enough to reply to the common man, which adds to their plus points.

5. A Good Mix Strategy :

All the elements mentioned above shall be mixed in a good ratio to see effective results from Twitter’s Marketing Strategy. These practices shall be tried and tested to find the suitable mix that does more good for your brand.

So , these are The  5 Most Effective Strategies and Practices For Marketing On Twitter in 2022 ,to get your brand even more recognized in this digital world .