While creating your website, have you give a proper time on Website Speed? Did you know about your website speed? Your website performance depends on Speed. To see the dramatic effect on the success of your website, your priority task to implement should be SPEED.

Web Page Speed is the time taken to open the content on the website. Fast-
loading website will attract visitors to keep stay on the website and explore more. It has been noticed that, if your website opens in more than 3 seconds, your visitor will no longer stay on your website. It leads to a negative impact on the SEO performance of the Website.

Tips To Improve the Web Page Speed

  1. Image Quality

An Image is used on the website to convey your message to the visitors. But, using a higher quantity of images will increase the loading time of the Web Page. So, here are some of the tips to do.

 Try to keep the most important images on the website in JPG format.
 Try to add the images on the website having a size of less than 100KB so that Images will take less time to open.

2. Use CDN

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. With the help of CDN, your query
response time will get a huge boost. CDN distributes content to nearby
users and users will experience a fast leading speed of the website.

3. Server Response Time

Another efficient way to improve web page speed is to improve the server
response time.

Server Response Time is the time between the query request by client and
response to that request. Tips to Improve Server Response Time

 Minify CSS and JavaScript’s
 Keep Word Press lightweight, Avoid adding too many Plugins
 Configure Catching on Regular Intervals

4. Page Caching

Cached Web Pages will help to improve your Web Page Speed. One can use
Plugin W3 Total cache in Word Press to improve the website speed.

5. Minify HTTP requests:

HTTPS request termed as request sent by your website to the external links or to external content. Try to have less number of HTTP requests to your site to keep maintain your website speed.

How to Test Website Speed

One can check the web page speed by using the online tools available. Some of the tools also provide other factors also to how can you improve your website speed.

Look at the Our Recommended Page Speed Tools.

  1. Google’s PageSpeed Insights (Google mobile speed test)
  2. GtMetrix
  3. Pingdom
  4. WebPage Test
  5. Dareboost
  6. SEO Site Checkup

So, here we try to help out with the top tips to improve Page Speed and the best tools to check. Start testing your website today and start with the Page Speed first.

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