Do you know the importance of business blogging? DO you know how it will be essential to make blog content mobile friendly? Do you know the ways to optimize your blog post according to search engines?

As we know, search engines play an incredible role for businesses. So, it is important to optimize your blog post in such a way it will be ranked organically on search engines.

Ways to optimize blog content:


Keywords researching is an integral part of on-page optimization. You should be aware of the keyword that you are competitors are targeting and have a piece of knowledge about the keyword you have to focus on your blog. There are a variety of tools available to get to know about your keywords. Do proper keyword researching before posting or planning your blog to post. It will help you to reach the top pages of Search Engine.

Utilization of Keywords:
Using keywords in your blog will affect your ranking status of blog on the search engine. You should be aware of the keyword density in your blog. Try to add your keywords in the 1st paragraph. You can add your targeted keyword in:

  • Title
  • Headings and subheadings
  • Meta title and Meta Description
  • Anchor text
  • Introduction paragraph

Image optimization:
Image optimization will affect the speed of your website. Whenever you are going to upload your blog, either you are using one image or images in bulk in blog, compress them before uploading.

Long-tail Keywords:
Try to utilize 1 or 2 long-tail keywords in a blog. It is good to focus on 1 or 2 long-tail keywords in the blog. But make sure it doesn’t seem like you have fitted keyword forcefully in a blog.

Mobile-Friendly Blog:
Did you know most of the people read blogs through their mobiles? Google prefers mobile-friendly blogs. Your blog should be visible properly on a mobile view.

Use URL structures:
The URL structure will speak your website. The excellent URL structure will make it easy for visitors to understand the look of the website. Search engines will give more preference to that Web page URL’s that are easy to understand, and website visitors feel easy to read and understand the blog.