7 Key Digital Marketing Trends for 2021:- With the ending of 2020, it’s time to move ahead to make a business more engaging. In 2021, the prior aim for the business is to retain the existing
customers and to generate more traffic. Look at the “7 Key Digital Marketing
Trends for 2021″ to follow to make your business the best brand globally.

  1. Google listing and Local SEO

To have a successful business, ensure your local listings should be properly
verified. Usage of Google my business will help you to explore your business in a better way. You can use the Google listing to provide valuable information, services, and all geographical location. Show up your business with the help of a local listing. Keep your listings updated so that your customers will get all updated information from your side.

2. Power of Voice search

Voice search provides the service to speak to a device such as laptops,
smartphones, or smart home devices. Voice search plays a very efficient role for running businesses, While using voice search, it is important that the voice should be well optimized. It will accurately answer the queries heard on the Voice search. 76% of people age 18-34 had used this technique to find information and to get answers for their queries.

3. Featured-Snippets

SEO helps to list your products/services or websites on NO.1 position on
Google. Featured snippets work differently, it shows in a small box and at the top of the search results. If you are the one who wants to optimize the
featured snippets for your business, there are some of the things to use. These are answers should be in a bullet list, Title should start with the questions like What, How, Why, etc, Paragraph snippets.

4. Images and Videos for Visual Search

To optimize the visual search for your business, there will be a proper
implementation of well-defined images and videos. While adding images, do not forget to add the alt text to your images. Especially, if you are running an e-commerce brand, you need to use high-quality images and videos in HD also.

5. Interactive Content

To promote business, creative content not only helps to engage more
customers but also provides a user-friendly environment. Interactive content helps to attain user attention and encourages users to take action on the website. One of the popular Interactive content includes Infographics, Assessments, FAQs, Quizs, Interactive e-books, etc.

6. Customer Segmentation

Dividing customers into groups can be termed “Customer Segmentation”. It is not new but we can say a newly popular method used for boosting traffic.
Information stored in Customer Segmentation includes:

 A device used by Customers
 Payment Method
 Which Products/services purchased
 How customer reach (Source)
 Billing info/shipping info

7. Automated Bidding in Google Ads

While creating Google Ads, there is a section we see “Bidding”. Automated
Bidding is not a new strategy but works well. Choosing the right Google Ad
bidding is the key to receive good engagement on your business. Selecting a
wrong bid can be like throwing water on your money and efforts. Google Ads Bidding includes Target CPA, Maximize conversation, CPC bidding, Maximize clicks, Enhanced cost per click, and many more.

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