Have you these questions in your mind?

Is SEO is important for your business? DO you already have a basic knowledge of SEO? Looking for some advanced SEO techniques? Then, you have reached the right place and this is the perfect post for you.

It is important to understand SEO or Search Engine Optimization in the way of Search Engines. Google gives the high ranking to those websites that relate to the more queries and seems the best websites for their queries. Advances SEO refers to the best SEO techniques that one can implement for your business. These SEO techniques require experts’ knowledge with their hand’s full experience of getting results. These techniques are generally termed as technical SEO and perform the latest activities for your websites according to the latest google algorithms.

1. Target Keywords

As name shows, target keywords are those are the main keywords to the target for your website to get the number ranking status of your websites. It will help SEO in multiple ways like.

Make your content more relevant to the queries search by the customers.

It helps search engines to associate the content with the keywords and give them the right position.

2. Use the list to Optimize your content for featured snippets

Google loves content to show in a list. Also, we also like to see the bullets, numbering for the content as it is very easy to be readable. Make your content impressive in such a way it will get a list to show as featured snippets and it will automatically help to increase CTR. You can format the list with the Headings like H2, H3.

3. Top Ranking Pages
In order the maintain your ranking and stay at the top page of the search engine, update your pages regularly that are ranking at the top. One can update their content in such away.

  1. Check your competitors and look at what creative they have done and you don’t and make that implementation on your content.
  2. Check and fix broken links of your pages on a regular basis.
  3. Update your images/banners.
  4. Update your meta titles and meta descriptions.

4. High Authority Websites
Backlinks are important and it is essential to get the backlink to the high authority websites. By linking to the high DA PA websites, we will get benefits such as.

Users will get more options to learn more about the topic, products, etc.
Your website and content will start considered as the high DA PA website.

5. Use relevant URL’s
This is one of the old technique but still an important part of SEO. One should make SEO friendly URL’s by adding the targeted keywords in the URL. Try to make short URL’s that can be crawled and understand easily by search engines. Avoid unnecessary characters in the URL. It is important to use a hyphen(-) to separate the words in the URL.

6. Trending Topics/Keywords
Search the trending topics and keywords for your niche with the help of Google Trends. One can create good content with the top keywords to get the high ranking on Google. Google loves to index the trendy topics and like them to rank more on that trendy topic with most loved keywords. The process is as follows:

  1. Go to the Google Trends
  2. Search for the topic/keywords
  3. Scroll down and look for the rising topics
  4. Find keywords that relate to your business and publish new content around these keywords.

7. Bounce Rate
One of the important targets is to reduce the bounce rate of your landing pages. If a user visits your websites and returns back immediately that it means the user is not satisfied with your work and products. A bounce rate is a percentage that shows how many users landed on a webpage and then exited the website, without having any interaction on the page. One can improve their content and graphics to keep user stay on your website for a longer time.