Social Media the biggest Digital marketing module allowed people to interact with friends, and relatives through pictures and images, etc. Social Media provides the biggest opportunities to top business brands to reach out to the maximum people. It helps businesses to explore their business, products, and services to millions of people. Here, In this blog, we will discuss the top advantages and disadvantages of Social Media.

  1. Target a large audience

Social Media has the power to help you to reach millions of people either they are sitting in any location. One can set a target audience while creating a campaign by selecting a target location.

As of 2020, the following are the top social media platforms with the highest number of users.

Facebook: 1.82 billion
YouTube: 2 billion
Twitter: 330 million users
Instagram: 112.5 million
LinkedIn: 300 million

2. Ad campaigns

One can advertise on different social media platforms to reach the target
audience to whom they want to show their services. One can target the audience according to age, place, and interest, etc. Facebook Ads will help businesses to grow their business by planning and implementing a set of an amount to be used to display your services. Same for Instagram, one can set a city, age, interest of the target audience with the daily budget for an Instagram Ads. In ads, use the destination URLs where you want your users will reach to see your services.

3. Track the performance of Advertisements

To meet up with the conversation goals, the next logical step in Social Media
Advertisements is to track the performance of the Ads. Check the analytical
report of the Ads, and according to that, you can check how your ads have

performed according to the budget set and other aspects also. One can modify the budget, days, age, and place, etc to get more conversions on your ad for better results for next time.

4. Drive traffic to Website

Social Media helps to drive the traffic to your website either it will be your blog, landing page, products, or home page, you can send your user directly to your website. The things to be taken care of,

  1. your landing pages should be accurate
  2. relates to the services mentioned on Ads
  3. Page Speed should be fine
  4. Should have related products also to keep the user to stay longer on website

5. Increases Brand Awareness

Businesses invest in Social Media to increase their brand awareness also. As users come across the best services offered by the best companies, it will lead to the brand awareness of the companies. Either, the user will buy a product or take services from you or not, but they remember the name of the business. They will suggest your business name/services to their dear and near who are searching for the same products. Through social media, your business will mark a footprint in their minds and whenever they want to take the services, they will search and contact back to you.


Despite having a lot of pros, social media comes along with some cons also. So, let us have a look at the Disadvantages of using social media:

  1. Slow return on Investments

Everyone wishes to have the highest number of followers, likes and clicks on their social media posts. For this, you make investments in classy and creative designs along with the unique content to make your users attract. But, sometimes despite all this, you have a fewer number of followers and likes on your social media pages. So, here you will get a slow return and results on your investments.

2. It requires lots of time and planning

To get higher engagement on your pages, one should give proper time and plan how to execute work on your pages to get better results. Some businesses make a very smart move at the start. One should make a strategy that requires dedicated efforts and planning.

3. Negative feedbacks

Either it will be any social media platform, people love to give feedback for the services they opt for. Some put positive feedback and some give negative feedback on the services. Identify your negatives from the customer reviews and improve in your services to give the best user-experience to your customers.

4. Security and Privacy Policy Issues

The main disadvantage of using social media is the security and privacy policy issues that come with it. While creating accounts on social media, you have to provide some personal information also. It will lead to hacking of the information on social media.