Are you worried about your high bounce rate of your website? Is your bounce rate is too high? Do you want to reduce bounce rate of your website in an effective way? Here, we are presenting an article which helps to you to reduce your bounce rate of your website.

Introduction to Bounce Rate:

Bounce rate is the percentage of users who visits on your website and spends a time on your website in seconds or in minutes. The relevant information will help them to decide whether to leave without going to a second page or stay more on website. A visitor can bounce back if the user can’t access the information he/she was searching for.
How Bounce Rate of Website rate?
80%+ is very bad
70 – 80% is poor
50 – 70% is average
30 – 50% is excellent

Tips to Reduce Your Bounce Rate

  1. Website Page Loading Time
    Optimize the speed of your website and can check your website speed using tools like Google Page Speed and GTmetrix. To speed up your website, optimize your each and every images and banners uploaded on your website. When a user has to wait for loading of your web page, it makes a poor experience of the user on your website.
  2. Usable Content

Make your content more usable and valuable for your users visiting on your website. Content present on your website should be informative and formatted effectively to be read easily. Content including header tags, bullets and numbering are more likely to read.

  1. Focus on Designs
    Eye-catching website with great designs will make a friendly environment with the user and it will help to make a trust with the user. Visitors will spend a large amount of time on your website by having a eye on your creative designs. This will help to reduce the bounce rate of your website.
  2. Use Videos
    Websites with videos will help you to engage more audience. Videos are highly engaging and are capable to grab more attention of the users in respect to the images and banners. Make creative videos that force the users to stay more on website helps in reducing the bounce rate.
  3. Call to Action
    Avoid using of the same call to actions on each page of your website. You should think about the specific action as required to the user when they consumed the content and information offered by you. Your site should make it effortless for visitors to find and do what they want to search on your website, quickly and easily.

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