Branding has been around for a while, and as it has changed over the years, ideas like Brand Identity and Brand Image are now accorded the highest importance. In this article, let’s discuss brand identity.

Your brand identity, which distinguishes your company from every other one on the block, is similar to how your identification makes you distinct. And the design of your brand identity? It’s what distinguishes your business. But what really is brand identity? What does it have to do with the expansion of your business? And how can you create a powerful brand identity that elevates your service? The summary is as follows:

What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is a company’s identity that is created through the use of logos, slogans, and other identifiers. It is what separates one company from another. It focuses on making a brand image ie a customer’s perception of the brand including various associations connected to it and memories of communicating with it. Brand identity and its components stem from a company’s mission, brand value proposition, long-term goals, competitive position in the marketplace, and significance to the values and interests of the target audience. These elements have a foundational nature and, in the branding process, explain what a company aims to communicate. Meanwhile, a brand identity describes how these fundamental components are communicated. The most commonly agreed upon aspects of a brand identity typically consist of:

  • A brand name
  • A tagline or a motto
  • Colors and graphic designs
  • A logo and a wordmark and their variations
  • A voice and a tone
  • A design and a typeface

These components can be grouped in different ways, and there are a lot of viewpoints regarding which specific brand elements need to be consisted of in this list and in which order they must exist. These distinctions are generally described by the context in which brand identity is being talked about and the viewpoint of a specific specialist. 

Always Begin With Brand Name

The first and the most important component that connects your brand to associations and memories kept in the minds of your audience is its name. Utilizing language as a means of brand communication and processing info is an intrinsic trait of all humans that is not normal for other species. Particular words and names enable us to access a wide variety of significances, feelings and associations related to items, events and people. From the marketing and branding point of view, a brand is a word or a phrase that personifies all information and understanding your target customer has about your company and its items. On the other hand, for those who do not know anything about your brand, its name offers the hints necessary for consumers to relate it to their requirements or specific industry and to be able to recognize it in the future. Functionally, a trademark name might serve many different functions which figure out a set of requirements that should be thought about when calling a company or a product. The most typical features of a good trademark name are:

  • Easily noticeable and remarkable
  • Appropriate to a particular market or a requirement.
  • In alignment with the target audience’s perceptions. 
  • Associates with customer expectations
  • Stimulates strong positive associations

Why Is Brand Identity Important?

A number of the most successful brands in the market develop and maintain their brand identities for various reasons. Your brand identity:

Brings In Potential Customers

For beginners, brand identity can assist you to bring in new customers.

In lots of traditional and digital marketing strategies, your brand identity is a passive marketing form. This becomes even truer as your company grows and ends up being more popular throughout your specific niche.

Take Myntra as an example. Many people check out Myntra without seeing a single advertisement because they already understand the brand would have the best clothing options that suit their style. If they require affordable clothes for everyone in the family, they know Myntra has many cool clothing options to choose from.

Or, think about McDonald’s. McDonald’s has a widely known brand identity of affordability, yummy food, and kid-friendly toys. Many people eat at McDonald’s without seeing any advertising products based on the strength of its brand identity.

In this way, brand identity is a long-lasting financial investment that can pay dividends for several years to come.

Retains Customers And Builds Loyalty

In the long term, brand identity is also important for building customer loyalty. It’s usually more economical to retain clients than to get new ones. This is even more essential for industries where you need to compete for a limited customer pool or pay ever-rising marketing costs to do so.

Your brand identity can help your target audience connect emotionally with your company. As soon as those connections are created, you’ll find that present customers are less likely to jump ship for a competitor, even if that competitor temporarily has lower rates or some other attractive components.

Brand identity assists influence your target audience to stick to your company through thick and thin. In a lot of cases, long-time consumers impacted by your brand identity will choose your company when they need to buy something in your industry without even looking into competitors.

Sets The Company Apart

Finally, brand identity can assist you to set your brand apart from others. Your brand identity assists to stress your unique selling proposition and show your ideal consumers exactly what they need. Naturally, this is a lot more crucial in crowded markets where many companies are similar to yours. Take fashion, health and wellness, and appeal brand names, for example.

The ideal brand identity can help you stand apart from the crowd and lure brand-new customers to your brand when they have lots of alternatives. In conjunction with strong marketing, your brand identity can help you build an audience of loyal customers quicker than not, so it’s crucial to remain real to it, even as your service progresses.

Brand Identity In Nutshell

Your brand identity is what sets you apart from the unlimited sea of rivals and reveals to your customers who you are and what they can anticipate from dealing with you. And if you want your brand to be viewed in a favourable light, you must nail your brand identity and develop designs that precisely depict who you are to your consumers. And now that you understand how to nail that identity, it’s time to start developing a Brand identity. We understand it’s easier said than done. This is why our Branding Experts at Aarna Systems, a Digital Marketing Company in India, are here to help you establish a memorable and high-converting Brand Identity. Feel free to connect with us soon!