YouTube has launched YouTube Shorts, which allows content creators to make and share short 60-second videos. Longer videos cause people to lose interest, therefore Instagram Reels, TikTok videos, and now YouTube Shorts perform best. Although you can gain free YouTube subscribers, YouTube Shorts can help you quickly increase your interaction rate and, as a result, your subscriber count.

However, it’s critical to remember that in order to increase views on your YouTube channel you must use this tool correctly. Continue reading to find out more!

Keep Your Video Short: The goal of uploading YouTube Shorts is to keep them as “short” as possible. While you can make a minute-long video, you should consider how you can organize shorter videos to keep your audience engaged. For example, where possible, you can cut out extraneous sections of your Shorts and focus just on the video’s essential theme. Why would you want to make a 1-minute video if you can do one in 25-30 seconds?

Crate valuable Shorts: If you want your YouTube Shorts to become viral, you need to develop either a highly entertaining video or one that delivers value to the viewers. Aside from keeping your videos short, you should think about what your potential viewers would get from watching them.
You can, for example, curate a humorous video that will make your audience laugh out loud or
an exceedingly informative film that will address an issue that your relevant audience is facing.

Eye Catch Titles: Would you be interested in seeing a video titled “How do I earn $10,000 every
“How I raised my profits from $500 to $10,000 per month in just a few months?” or
“How I raise my income from $500 to $10,000 per month in only a few months?”
Isn’t the second title implying a video?
Because it immediately grabs the audience’s attention and makes them wonder how someone
doubled their profits in a short of months, and how they can do the same.
Because the audience is curious about the answer, they will watch the film. You shouldn’t,
however, make up a bogus title solely to get more clicks. Otherwise, your audience would be
hesitant to trust and watch your material in the long run.

Create Attractive & Appealing Thumbnails: The title of your short films, much like the title of your thumbnails, is crucial. Instead of using completely random thumbnails for your Shorts, pick the most appealing image from your video or upload a personalized thumbnail from your computer. The use of text that explains the topic of the video, as well as a related image, helps to capture the audience’s attention. Again, the thumbnails should be relevant to the video’s

  1. Stay Consistent: If your YouTube Shorts aren’t generating any views, don’t get discouraged and stop making and posting them to your channel.

Because shorts can significantly increase your channel’s views and growth, you should follow the advice above and, most importantly, keep constant and don’t quit up. Even if one of your Videos goes popular, your YouTube channel’s numbers will significantly improve.