We have generally seen that people thing SEO as the unknown technical wizardry that can be handled by computer geeks only. But, it is essential to know that content plays a large role in SEO. It is true that there are technical aspects that are relates to the SEO but content is very important in terms of SEO.

What is Content ?

Generally, while heard the word “contentpeople think that content may be a text of pages or blog post of the websites. Infact, the content can be displayed in the form of various structures and formats exist in your website. Content can be shown in the form of images, video, blog post, SMO post, slides, infographics and website banners or cover pics etc.

Content and SEO

Content and SEO can make a strong bond that they exist on a website and
content helps website to come on the top ranking on any search engine. Google, the king of all search engines moves around 3.5 billion searches per day. Every day, the Google crawls for the useful and relevant information for their users. Google love to have that content that are useful, relevant to the product, and will be beneficial for the searchers. The unique and meaningful piece of content is ranked according to their productivity in their content. So, content should always be shown by giving the beneficial information to their website.

Important things to know before writing content:

  1. If you are writing content for any place like restaurant, then you need to write about the information regarding restaurants. You can include the information like menu of the eating items, blogs to share the upcoming discounts on festivals, location, and contact information. You can easily access the desired users by catching them towards you by showing them impressive information.
  2. Make your content more valuable and useful than your competitor sites. Post the number of articles presenting your products with benefits to fetch the right audience towards you.
  3. Make a high quality content according to the number one choice of google. Show your website’s credibility by using original research of your product. Take the real testimonials from your clients and reform them into content and post it on your testimonial section of your website.
  4. Engaging content always bring a life to the website. Bring a color and
    engagement to your website by adding the superb images of your products with content on your website. When these all elements are placed in a correct position, you can maximise the value of your SEO in regards with content. Creating great content isn’t enough but
    there’s a technical side that you need to be aware of as well.

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