Seven Free SEO Tools You Should Be Using The Internet has evolved with lots of search engines such as Google providing the best search results for your websites. Did you know how your business knows which keywords will give you the best and relevant results? How your website will be capable to capture the desired and targeted audience from across the various search engines.
Today, we have come with a list of the number of SEO tools that will help to find the relevant competitors of your business, keywords for your website, and many more.

Seven Free SEO Tools You Should Be Using

  1. Google Webmaster Tool
    It is like a father for a newly website to get a perfect track to move further with your website. It is very simple to use and very helpful to track your pages and modify your page accordingly. Page Speed insights help to check your website speed both on mobile and desktop.
  2. SEMrush
    SEMrush tools were originally developed in 2008 by SEMrush. In 2018, the project received funding of $40 million for expansion. One can use this tool to easily find out the keywords for your website. You can identify your competitors and can plan accordingly for your website to receive the higher audience to your website.
  3. Ahrefs
    It is one of the best tool to analyse for your website providing your link details, ranking and keywords. It is a competitor and keyword research tool comes with the features like Organic traffic, organic keywords, checking backlinks, paid traffic research, paid keywords and keywords ranking on Amazon, Flipkart etc.
    You can check the pages also and those websites which are gaining higher number of audience.
  4. Screaming Frog:
    It is a SEO spider work as a website crawler. It allows you to crawl website s, URL’s and Onpage of the websites. It can be able to crawl small as well as very large websites allowing to analyse results in real time.
  5. KWFinder
    As the name shows, it is a SEO keyword tool. It helps to find the keywords especially long tail keywords that exist with the low keyword difficulty and show with the higher search volume. If you are interesed in improving the SEO status of your websites, you first need to improve the keywords of your website. The best way to get in depth information about keywords, the KWfinder is the best tool to be use.
  6. Google PageSpeed:
    Well Google PageSpeed Insights will show you the actual speed of your website on Mobile as well as on Desktop. Today, most of the people uses mobiles to view websites and app’s. You can easily check your website speed in details by using Google Pagespeed Insights.
  7. GtMetrix:
    A website page loading speed really have an important impact on your website visitors. If your website speed is slow the visitor will immediately turn back. GTmetrix is a SEO tool thay is perfect to analyse the whole website. It provides the useful information regarding your website such as website speed, Image optimization, CSS files, pages redirections, Minify CSS and html and many more features.
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