As we know, there are billions of websites present online. But, if you want to stand at the high level of Google, you have to maintain both the design of the website and its usability. The website should be impressive, and that speaks what customers want to listen to. Several factors such as consistency, banners, images, color combinations, typography, imagery, simplicity, and functionality all contribute to good and impressive website design. Here, we are going to give some simple and effective principles of website design and usability to keep your visitors engaged and helps in generating leads.

Simple Principles of Website Design:

  1. Always remember that smooth running and polished websites seem impressive to the users. Sites with good speed will hold the customers on the website. A lot of graphic presentations with so many colors will make the user confused. Make an impressive logo for your website and use the same shades of a logo on the website somehow. Keep your site simple and easy to navigate and focus on making it very attractive.
  2. An effective web design should have great content with its best implementation on the website. Use the simple and clear fonts with an impressive font style of content will convert your visitors into customers. Give the to the point content and send them to another page to read more to hold the visitor. Grids based layouts will help to organise your content.
  3. We have generally listened to this “Mobile Friendly“. This means lot like the word friendly means making your website ready to be a friend of the coming visitors. Either the visitors is using a mobile phone or using the laptop, your website should be mobile-friendly. Build your website with responsive layouts even when a visitor opens your website in mobile.

Simple Principles of Website Usability:

  1. As the word usability speaks, website usability is the easy usage of the website. Make a website usability in such a way a person can easily move from one page of your site to another. Be ensure while designing your website, the structure, navigation links, and other elements are clear and easy to find, and simple.
  2. Accessibility is one of the vital principles of usability. Some maximum people use the internet and open websites and apps mostly on smartphones and tablets. So, your website should be capable of accessing every type of device.
  3. Encourage your users to engage with you by taking simple, easy clicks, login section, about us and contact us. Make an easy call to actions and chat services for the queries of your visitors.

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