Looking for endless SEO traffic? Are you facing serious issues regarding spam traffic? When fake data enters your website, it become difficult to calculate the performance of SEO for the sites.
With the help of this article, we will provide the best Techniques to Filter Spam SEO Traffic in Your Google Analytics Account.

What causes Spam SEO traffic?

If your website is receiving good traffic, but you will that there will be a need for improvement at some level. A website when receives a spam backlinks it hits negatively to your website. Like a Google bot that crawls the website, there are also bad bots that need traffic or they will hack your website. These will lead to spam SEO traffic to your website. For this, one should have to block or filter the spam traffic in your google analytics accounts.

1. Filter your Analytics traffic

In this process, block all the bots that run along with SEO traffic. Here, you can block every single bot in one click by saving your time and energy.

For this, Go to “View settings” menu
And Click on “Exclude all hits from known bots and spiders.”

3. Filter Spam Traffic from different countries

You can also spam the traffic coming from different countries. Getting relevant and accurate traffic either it will be less traffic is good instead of large traffic but spammy traffic. So, you can filter the traffic came from different countries.
For this, follow the following process.

a. Go the “Admin”
b. Create a different new view’
c. Click on “filters” by clicking on “new filter button”
d. And Lastly, block all the spam traffic you are getting from different countries.

4. Block Bad Bots

Block Bad bots is an important and critical point to take care of. Like, a wrong step taken while blocking bad bots can damage your website. For this, we should have a backup of their website.

You should utilize .htaccess for this, and the command is:

Rewrite Engine On
Options +FollowSymlinks
Deny from
Allow from all

One cannot code this code and cannot be added .htaccess file. This is the best technique to flush out all the bots that are making your brand’s name decreasing. You can easily filter the bad bots with this technique.

5. Include Your Spam Referrers

Google Analytics is well aware of trapping the bots and also know how to block them. But, to catch the new bots, one can open the referred report if you noticing of increasing of bounce rate of your website. One can check the referral traffic