Top 5 Tips to rank videos on Youtube:-Using the right marketing tools is the key to successful online marketing. Ranking videos on YouTube is one of the important marketing tools to have a successful online business. Having a high view, likes on your videos will help to build better brand awareness. With the higher-ranking videos, it will help to derive better engagement for your channel.

If you want to rank your video, your video should meet the requirements put down by the users. Here, look at some of the top aspects to follow for better YouTube optimization. Look at the tips to rank videos on YouTube.

1. Research relevant keywords

Do you know what makes your YouTube more visible while searching? Keywords play an important role in ranking YouTube videos. Some of the users will use the google keyword planner for keyword researching. But, in the case of YouTube videos, keywords work differently.
For better YouTube SEO, the following are some of the keyword researching tools for the YouTube video platform.

  1. Youtube Suggest
  2. Ahref
  3. Ubersuggest
  4. Google search results
  1. Ideal length for Video

One of the potential YouTube ranking factors relates to the length of the title of the YouTube video. Try to make a title not more than 70 characters. it is important to cover the main highlight of the main objective of making a video. Use your focus keyword in the title.

3. Video description and Tag:

Just like, Video title, taking care of video description and a tag is also important. Make an attractive description with user-friendly content. You should know the right placement of the primary and secondary keywords in the video description. It will increase your chances of better optimization while users search for something related to your niche on YouTube. For providing context to the videos, tags play a necessary role. Usage of 5 to 10 keywords along with the main keyword will help you to rank videos on YouTube more factually and accurately.

4. Ask users to like and subscribe to your channel

For the better promotion of your channel, in the video, ask your users to like, share, comment on their suggestions or queries after/during watching videos. Ask your users also to subscribe to your channels and share with their friends also.

5. Promote your videos to your existing audience

To improve, likes, and video visibility, promote your videos to your already existing audience. For this, you can work on a newsletter informing your audience regarding the latest video updation. Usage of video on social media will give an awesome engagement, like sharing on Fb, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. You can also add your videos to your blog post. These all lead to a better audience and better rank YouTube videos.