Metaverses have been increasingly popular in recent years. They’re frequently cited in relation to AR/VR technologies. Companies like Microsoft, Facebook, and others that are well-known around the world will be in 2021.

The Facebook metaverse will be discussed in this article. We’ll talk about what metaverses are and how Facebook feels about them.

What exactly is the Meta Universe?

Many individuals believe that a meta-universe, like the one shown in the movie “The Matrix,” is a utopia. A planet devoid of the real-cultural, world’s social, and economic difficulties. It’s futuristic and enticing at the same time.

Neal Stevenson, a fiction writer, was the first to introduce the meta-universe concept in 1992. This phenomena was depicted by the author in his novel ‘Avalanche’ as the next stage of internet development. With the help of augmented and virtual reality, the digital and physical worlds will mix.

People can, in fact, connect to the network using a variety of avatars and act as if they were in the actual world. Search for information, speak, work, and buy things, for example, while remaining in the actual world but living in a virtual one.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg declared in July 2021 that he wants to create a metaverse. A fully virtual world for working, talking, and entertaining in which users can sense each other’s physical presence.

According to Zuckerberg, the virtual universe would make use of virtual reality technology for mobile devices and game consoles.

Horizon, a social environment, will be one of the primary Facebook VR projects. Eye, facial, and body motion tracking are among the project’s features. As a result, the VR avatars will move fluidly and accurately mimic face expressions.

The business announced the Infinite Office concept in September 2020. Oculus Quest 2 may be used to connect to this virtual office and work from home. During a pandemic, this new technique might save a lot of money for businesses and companies.

For a long time, Facebook and Oculus executives have been debating the question of metaverse development. They take the novel ‘Avalanche’ seriously as a significant source of inspiration. According to Arc Technica editor Sam Machkovech, Facebook has purchased Oculus in order to construct the metaverse. The company believes that virtual reality (VR) will be the technology that allows them to gain an edge over their competition.

It’s difficult to foresee how technology will advance and how the metaverse will appear. However, the metaverse is said to be causing a revolution in a variety of fields, beginning with medicine and concluding with service fees. New markets and industries will emerge to meet the demands of the future. It will also necessitate the acquisition of new skills and expertise.

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