Web Development, as the name suggests, refers to the procedure of deciding, designing, and developing a website. It includes all those elements which form the basics of a website. It is a significant step for any business to use web development to build their brand on World
wide Web, so its importance shall not be ignored, ever.
There are a few fundamentals to ensure a decent website development and these areas
follows :

Learning Basics :

Web Development consists of many important elements which are the basics to be learned by a web developer to practice web development.
The knowledge of coding, programming languages, text editors, Javascript, CSS, HTML, UI / UX, etc . , is essential as they form the foundation of this vast field.

Constant updates and knowledge of trends required :

It is essential for a web developer to be updated with the technological trends in the fields of web design and development.
A Web Developer must be aware of the fundamental trends like dark mode, immersive 3D elements, drifting components, in trend color combination, minimalist navigation, etc.

Time Management :

As described earlier, the concept of Web Development is quite wide and consists of various crucial elements. These elements can be easy or difficult to process depending upon their usage and none of the elements can be ignored . So, Managing Time to perform and incorporate all these elements is very necessary for a web developer. One shall make a to-do list to not miss out on even a small thing that can unknowingly affect the structure of a website.

Understanding of UX / UI :

UX refers to User Experience, whereas UI refers to User Interface. These concepts come under the base of design and shall not be confused to mean one and the same.
UX, as its name suggests, is an experience of an interaction that is availed by the users of a company’s products and/or services. Whereas UI is the interface or shall we say, an asset that is used by users to interact.
Thus, it can be concluded that before beginning with Web Development, one must have complete knowledge of the aforementioned fundamentals. These are the essentials and key points to develop a well-structured website.